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I had a post about my class that I've been meaning to make, but then I went to the Red Bull Crashed Ice World Championship tonight and it was so much fun that I just have to show you all about it.

Ok so this event was held in St. Paul on Cathedral Hill and it is basically a downhill(s) ice skating race. Oh but with turns and moguls.  Individual heats? Ahahahaha what is the fun in that?

There was an impressive amount of people there, given that the temperature was 6 degrees when it started. Tomorrow is supposed to be busier, though, with over 70,000 people attending. Tomorrow we will be watching the finals from inside a bar.
The hat-spotting was superb, though.
This was our first vantage point. This is the last hill before the finish line. Prior to this, though, you have to skate over some moguls, which slows you down. Sometimes you make it to the top...
...and sometimes you don't and have to cling to the edge (right side) and pull yourself up.
This guy didn't even have pads on. How is he not dead? IDEK.
Second vantage point: The giant downhill leading into the aforementioned moguls. Let's put a skater on here to demonstrate how steep.
It. Was. AWESOME. How awesome, you ask? Well I have video.

The first video is to give you a broad idea of what we were seeing.

If you don't have time or inclination to read all of this post, then just watch this AWESOME video. Watch how the third skater (in the yellow) leaps not only the moguls but ALSO THE SKATER IN FRONT OF HIM.

Although we could not feel our extremities by the end, everyone still maintained all their body parts. A good time was had by all!
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