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I didn't dislike this episode.

  • I normally am not one to avoid spoilers (at least for television). Even when I was watching Lost, I didn't care if I found out beforehand what was going to happen. I don't actively seek them out, but I won't turn off a podcast or stop reading an LJ post if they're going to discuss something I haven't seen. However, when it comes to Merlin, I really really don't like to be spoiled. I have no idea why. (That's a lie; I do, but to explain it would be long and boring and not the point of this post.) But I had so much anxiety about this episode and I knew I wouldn't be able to watch it until long after it aired, so I spoiled myself (mainly about the magical reveal). (I read your post,[personal profile] lolafeist
  • Arthur in the caves watching Merlin walk away and looking like he's so terrified he'll never see him again ;__; And you could so tell he wanted to be like, stop, stop doing this for me, I don't deserve it ( especially given Tristan's comments). I loved when Merlin came back and Arthur was so surprised he just said exactly how he felt (and threw it away with a comment a moment later but come on we all know to ignore that by now).
  • lol after that I had a note that said OMG PLEASE MAKE OUT IN THE CAVES ALREADY
  • BAMF MERLIN with his, "I don't think so." and "I was born with it." Maybe it's Maybelline. OMGYES
  • I love that Merlin's magic is so silent. (Ok except when he's calling the dragon.) Like words would just be useless clutter.
  • I want Gwen's boots.
  • Oh Arthur you vulnerable little wooble. MERLIN GIVE HIM A HUG.
  • THE SWORD IN THE STONE THE SWORD IN THE STONE OMG I LOVED THE WAY THEY DID THE SWORD IN THE STONE Despite the lack of magical reveal and my dream forever of Merlin bringing Arthur to the sword in the stone and telling him that only the true king of Camelot can pull it out and Arthur asking, "How do you know that?" and Merlin answering, "Because I put it there.", DESPITE THESE FACTS, I loved that whole scene.
  • I love that Merlin has become this person for Arthur: the person who looks Arthur in the eye and gets straight to the heart of things and refuses to acknowledge anything is impossible, then steps behind him and tells him he's a great king, prat, now fucking act like it.
  • This: "That sword is stuck fast in solid stone."
    "And you're going to pull it out."
    "Merlin, it's impossible."
    "Arthur, you're the true king of Camelot."
    made me have hearts in my eyes.
  • I liked that Merlin used the same technique on Morgana he used on Arthur, just in reverse. He used a little bit of magic, and made Arthur believe he could do anything so that he could; he made Morgana believe her doom had arrived so that she would fall apart and it would.
  • Am I the only person who wants a Merlin and Morgana magic showdown? In front of Arthur and the whole court?
  • The proposal in this episode was so much better than the first one.
  • Merlin's wedding outfit was so fabulous. He's such a medieval hipster.
  • So do we think that Merlin asked Aiustha to find and heal Morgana? I was confused by that scene.
  • I don't think this is one of their stronger season finales, or even one of their strongest episodes. I felt like the first part of this season was super amazing and then it fell apart at the seams a little. And I think it is partly because they keep putting off this whole reveal business. I realize that they want all the other pieces of the legend to lock into place first, and have Merlin's magic be the grand finale of it all. But I don't want the show to end with Merlin's magic being revealed because that's a given. As a viewer, I'm more interested in Merlin's magic being revealed and the effect that has on his relationship with Arthur (because that's what the show has largely been about) and how it affects Camelot as well. That's where the good television is waiting.

Ah well, Happy Hiatus Everyone. At least Sherlock, Downton Abbey, and White Collar are back.

Have a safe and happy new year, friends! ♥



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